A Review of The Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth

This is a very attractive work with full color photographs of the Grand Canyon on nearly every page and is written at a general level so anyone can read it.

The book deals with how the Grand Canyon came to be and looks at two basic positions: standard geology versus flood geology. Flood geology (which is a part of young earth creationism) is the view that most of the earth’s surface is the result of a global, cataclysmic flood that occurred about 4,000 years ago as recorded within the pages of the Bible, specifically Genesis 6-9, and is also known as Noah’s flood. Standard or modern geology sees the Grand Canyon rock layers as having been deposited at various intervals spanning over hundred of millions of years.

The book is divided into 5 parts and 20 chapters. Although this sounds daunting but it comes in at a little over 200 pages.

Part 1 consists of the first 4 chapters and outlines the two views, modern geology versus flood geology and delves into the time frames for each.

The chapters in Part 2 dive into the science of how geology works and covers sedimentary rocks, dating methods, the geologic column, plate tectonics, and how rocks can fracture, fault, and fold.

Part 3 tells the story of the fossil record of both plants and animals, and just as importantly, trace fossils. Part 4 is about how the Canyon was actually carved out. These chapters also show that each rock layer contains its own ecosystem, something that makes sense in light of modern geology, but cannot be explained in terms of flood geology.

The last part consists of the last two chapters which tie everything together. Chapter 19 takes us on a 7 mile hike in narrative form with lots of photographs and hits on the various details from previous chapters showing why and how flood geology simply cannot explain the many and various features of the Canyon.

Chapter 20 concludes with answering the question, is science and flood geology simply different worldviews or presuppositions when it comes to explaining how the Canyon came to be. The answer? Science is willing to follow where ever the data leads. And flood geology? It starts with the conclusion and seeks justification for its views. The data backs modern geology at every point.

This book, to the honest reader, is devastating to young earth creationism and flood geology and is highly recommended.


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